Description of the Procedures to achieve a project financing
by Swiss Financing Company


Model 1

We would like to thank you for your interest in our project financing for establishing new jobs as well as humanitarian projects, for which we would like to present you the terms and conditions. Basically we can handle projects with a volume of minimum 50.000.000,- Euro (fifty million). The available capital amounts to 30 % of the total invest.

Additionally we require 1-3,5 % fee for the remaining 70 %. The remaining capital – 70 % of the total invest – will be credited by the financing company.

The return of the foreign capital (70 % of the total invest) is borne by the financing company, which will form a Joint-venture with the project (or object) which is to be financed and is being returned within 10 – 15 years (according to a separate contract). During the time of the Joint-venture the foreign capital will be returned to the financing company in regular and equal trances. As soon as the entire credit is being returned the Joint-Venture will cease.


Model 2

only for country with good bankerrating

Supplementary Advancement of 15%

+  70% capital borrowed (see above) +15 % supplementary advancement = total 85 % Joint-Venture

-Capital allotment

+  15 % stockholders€ equity 

= 100 % total projectcoast

+ provided you have 15 % equities available there is a chance to found a joint Swiss participation corporation (stock corporation), you as the credit user will be fellow partner of. To qualify for this option we ask you to forward to us all details of your project. We will check whether your project will qualify for the supplementary advancement option presented above.


For details and further questions we are to your availability at any time.

We place our services at your disposal. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, for more details

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