Projects for international Investment programs

We offer investors and deciders on an international level lucrative projects which are already integrated by governments, companies and foundations.

International aid money

In addition we are able to provide interest-free aid money, non refundable.

Predestined for governments, companies and foundations

The availability of at least 10 Mio. Euro own capital is crucial before up to 80% of international aid money can be provided.


Sample projects:

    Solar factories of the future
    (PV) For the simultaneous generation of electricity and hot water
    Much more efficient than the usual solar systems
    New solar pantiles to replace the „ancient“ pantiles
    A solar product that includes damping, way cheaper than the competitors
    The new solar of the future with 100-200% advantage to stand by
    To lead the world of energy to a better future.

    Local construction of massive prefabricate houses
    For low priced real estates – shell construction.
    Alternative: Prefabricate house construction kits „Made in Germany“ at a favorable world market price

    Drinking water through sea water
    Without expensive desalting plants  a minor sensation.
    The possible solution for the lack of drinking water near coasts

    Food industry
    Agricultural products, rotten or due to overproduction

    All kinds of plants, herbages, fruits, mushrooms etc.   basically all rotten or overproduced food can be inserted in

    Emerge to a dry food powder which can be sold worldwide at a very low price


A new form of society

The metropolis flight proves a failure

Create new and modern rural villages

Back to the countryside to assure wealth for everyone


We create constructive concepts for every suitable country and we can offer experience with creating infrastructure plans.

We will gladly provide country-specific concepts for projects after your application for the aid money system is accepted and approved.

      Our purpose:

    Help you to develop wealth in the country of your chosing
    Request from investors respectively competent and authorized consultants desired solely in exchange with bank proof to check if own capital is legally and safely available (Condition for the processing of data)

      Please ask for our list of references.

THA Germany

Hermann Augustin / Owner

Meppen, the 25th Dec. 2014