Participation at a goldmine

Hereby the following offer is placed:

Participation at a goldmine in Westafrica, purchase rights for the gold optional. It is located in a quiet and stable country.

The mine were bought reliable and in due form by an European in 2007.

Mining activities starting at present.

Value determined by an expert: 1.9 Billion €

The Mining licenses get renewed automatically every two years.

Market value: 350 Million €, rough estimate.

Wanted Participation: 120 Million € = 24 % share

Optional Repayment: After half a year for 180 Million € (= Participation + 50 %). If not made use of this Repayment the buyer stays in participation.

On demand: purchase option for the gold by 20 % of the mined gold, for a price of 5 % unter the London exchange rate, as long as this participation obtains.

Further informations and documents against interest letter and capital evidence.

On offer are fair cooperation and co-partnership and wanted are the same in return.

No brookerage fee.

The general terms and conditions of the Website apply.



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