Solar house Futura - Solaris 1 „Made in Germany“

This house amortise its costs through selling its own solar power

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High Performance – Solar – Pent Roof – House

ground floor:

upper floor:


Room division: variable

This house can’t just cover the expenses of monthly burdens of house credit, but can achieve a respectable profit on top (depending on the size of the solar roof)

Construction Set – Export house, Shipping worldwide

Modern elegance, exquisit design and bright rooms distinguish this house type from others.

An innovative structure, up-to-date insulation methods combined with natural materials.


Futura – Solaris 2 “Made in Germany”

the solar house with enormous solar potential due to its prominent roof

Solaris II

further informations on this house by request

For further informations on the potential of all types of solar houses please consult the german page

Modern, elegant, low-priced

Modern elegance, exquisit design and bright rooms distinguish this house type from others. An innovative structure, up-to-date insulation methods combined with natural materials.

An investment that pays for itself!.

Do not compromise! Fulfill your dream house by individualising your floor plan and still get a low-priced system Be creative with your room division: You have the full advantage of free floor planing without restrictions due to weight-bearing walls.

Power saving made easy...

By using modern materials and innovative construction techniques the energy expenses can be reduced significantly. The modern and elegant Iso-Trapez-Roofing has an additional insulation layer and enhances the energy footprint of the structure. The Optimised wall mount including inside insulation, massive core and outside insulation (thermal insulation system) gains great results (U - Value up to 0,13 W / (mēK)).

As part of the building application (EU) your customised house gets an “Energy requirement certificate”. Advanced heating installations (e.g. heat pumps) can reduce the energy expenses further. We would be happy to prepare you a free and noncommittal floor plan.

....with a high performance photovoltaic system (HPA):

More and more people want to contribute to the energy revolution. High performance photovoltaic systems (HPA) are the easiest way for this. Address active climate protection with an energy type which is completely free and available in practically unlimited amounts.

Advantages of a high performance photovoltaic system (HPA):

The high performance photovoltaic moduls (HPA) produce 50% more power than the available standard moduls on the market.

The required roof area for full capacity opposed to standard systems is reduced by 50%.

It uses the sun as a free and inexhaustible energy source. Therefore this assures a good and safe rate of return. This made possible by the statutory european feed-in renumeration.

No funding risk such as shares or similar investments which are subject to unpredictable fluctuations.

The maintenance requirements of the high performance photovoltaic moduls (HPA) are very low as there are no mobile parts.  Abrasion through movements are impossible.  The moduls have a life expectancy of 25 years minimum. This reliability has proven in long term tests as well as there are some moduls which are in service over a period of 40 years and more.

No noise or odour nuisance, no emissions, no pollutants.

With a high performance photovoltaic moduls (HPA) you are independent from your own power consumption as there is no limit of the generated power. All generated power will and need be accepted. Every surplus feeds the european power network and will be compensated differently by the respective EU-country.

Since 2009 the european “own consumption regulation” makes the operator completely independent (of course depending on the size and gain of his moduls) or rather partly independent of rising electricity prices. Simultaneous the operator benefits from the own consumption, particularly if this exceeds 30%.

Flexible system sizes through the modular design. Systems from 1 kw/p until several Kw/p respectively Mw/p can be realised. 

Network-independent systems (stand-alone systems) are possible for structures which have no electricity connections. (This can be important for developing countries: One single solar house can supply power for a small village).

Decentralised energy supply: The Power is generated exactly where it is needed.

The solar systems „Made in EU“ shall be delivered boxed in a 20” ft-container.

House informations:

  • Construction ground floor: massive construction; Stone-Finished-Part-System
  • Construction upper floor: timber frame construction with high-quality larch formwork
  • Interior construction at buyer’s option, including instructions and experts council
  • Massive grow house, low-enery-standards possible
  • Roof construction: pent roof, upper floor expansion prepared, 160 mm wall insulation
  • Modern metal roofing with additional insulation
  • High performance photovoltaic system (HPA)
  • Living space: individual, depending on size and design
  • floor plan: designed freely at buyer’s option,
  • Suspended ceiling: wooden and steal beam construction
  • Insulated wooden or synthetic windows  ( U-Value 1,1 W/mēK )
  • Short construction time
  • Individual design elements and accessories
  • 35 (!) years warranty,
  • Architect and structural engineer services included
  • Fix price 1 year
  • Personal advice + service telephone + experts council
  • Upper floor including 160mm insulation

The construction sets are delivered as follows

packed in 2 x 40“ft Open-Top-Container (the construction material is safe from thievery due to lockable containers)

1. Complete outer walls, incl. all supporting pillars and mounting material according to house size

2. Windows, front door and mounting material according to house size

3.  Complete roofing, including mounting material according to house size

4.  High performance solar roof system

5.  Assembly instructions, static, documents for the building application

With these materials mentioned above you can build a complete house including solar roof in a short period of time.

As the construction is made dry without using any mortar or water, it can be build during sub-zero temperatures with no fear of freezing and therefore destroying anything

The following positions are NOT included:

1. Purchase of the property including all related costs

2. Foundation and all connections to supply networks and drain systems

3. Complete interior construction, in other words:

    floors incl. insulation, inner walls, wall covering (rigips/dry wall etc.), room doors, ceiling linings,       electrical/gas/water/waste water installations, off- and on air, heating system

4. Garden/Fence/Way construction


For detailled calculations and further informations please consult the german page


We deliver:

„ Ex Work - Germany“ + all resulting taxes of the destination,

No retail sail, minimum order of 5 houses,

Shipping and delivery times on request and by arrangement.

The buyer is responsible for all import and tax laws of his/her respective country.

We reserve the right to perform country-specific changes of any kind without announcement.

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