Waste incinerating plant

This is a profit-factory as power plant!

Commercial Proposal

To Whom it may concern:

A starting offer for the supplier of a complete plant ready to be used of waste
Transformation with humid part for compost production and the dry part transformed
in electricity after the transformation in sin-gas in the reactor through using 
`TOP` engines.
The following letter is an offer for a plant without personalization and it doesn’t
fit to the real situations it can be studied with the final client in order to be adapted to the
climatic-environmental situation of the country where it will be built.

1) Plant for the treatment of solid urban and bulky waste able to treat

800 tons each day (24 hours). The plant is made of:

    1) Waste sorting plant:

      a) sack chopping and opening
      b) metal separation
      c) glass separation
      d) humid waste separation
      e) inert waste separation

    2) Composting plant

      a) turning rollers
      b) screen
      c) air separator
      d) magnetic separator
      e) hall for fragmentation
      f) rapid shredder

    3) Gasification plant

    4) Plant for energy production

With the above described plant it is possible to separate 70% of the waste, the remaining 30% will be incinerated.
For this plant we need an incinerator with 2 ovens of 5 ton/h each, totally 10 ton/h.

Our proposal Euro 42 Mio.

The plant with 1 oven of 5 tons/h can be part of a project which treats 
400 tons/24 hours.

Our proposal Euro 35 Mio.

It’s obvious that the calculations must be adapted according to the quantity of humid and inert fraction contained in the waste.
If the humid fraction exceeds 50% the global mass which can be treated on the plant increases, if the humid fraction is less than 35% the plant will treat less global mass.


Separation and treatment plant
Trasformation in compost Euro 8 Mio.

10/t x h 

Cogeneration 10 unit x 1 mw Euro 6.000.000,--
TOTAL PRICE CIF Euro ca 42 Mio. 

Financing offer 10 t/h by a Swiss finance company

Price completely Euro 42 Mio.

10 - 30% Equity capital of the Company

70% - 90% Financing sum (Credit)

10.000 KW Energie-Power / h net output 

800 tons waste per day

Carpon-Taxes of Kyoto convention depends on Emissions value Statement of the carbon tax
A carbon tax is a tax on energy sources which emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is an example of a pollution tax, which has been proposed by economists as preferable because it taxes a \"bad\" rather than a \"good\" (such as income).
A carbon tax, because of the link with global warming, is often associated with some kind of internationally administered scheme; however, this is not intrinsic to the principle, and politically improbable. The European Union has discussed a carbon tax covering its member states, and has implemented a carbon emissions trading scheme, starting in January 2005.

If there is any further information that you require please do not hesitate to contact us.

We can offer this financing project also at all other plants and industrial building etc. present. Condition are at least 42 millions Euro of amount and 10-30 % equity capital, 70-90% are financed and the plants should be in the foreign countries, the best for humanitarian and social aspects, construction of the infrastructure etc.

+ ca 15 % depending on the composition of the waste for plants 2009


Construction materials

  • Cement plants, new - 3.000to and 6.000to - turnkey with financing offer
  • Cement plant, NEW

Various factories

Generation of energy

Food industry

Medical devices