Solar Factory Participation

“The direct use of solar energy is associated with the lowest conversion losses and has by far the greatest potential for renewable energy.”
(Max-Planck-Institut for Biogeochemistry, Jena / Germany / MPG Jahrbuch /Oct. 2013)

We offer participation in future-oriented, modern solar high-tech factory, with a new solar module, much more profitable and effective than traditional solar everything you know in the world.

In our conservative and realistic estimate, we assume that you can generate in the first 3 years, a gain of about 20-30 % on your investment.

This internationally proprietary Solar-System can worldwide, with several factories, change positively the world of energy.

We want a worldwide marketing of this innovative product in sunny countries.

High profits for the mills and later for the end user.

As an investor, you first invest in the factory in Germany, later you earned money, when other Factories in the world get the License to produce the Solar-Modules.

South orientation for the Modules is no longer mandatory, because of the new radiation technology.

Expertise and technical evidence with global knowledge and know-how advantage, of an innovative Project-Team are available, and may be presented.

A small factory in Germany produced the Solar-Modules with success.

This special solar module has been providing design houses in Europe with the best energy yield results.

The first year's production is already sold out without any advertising.

The Modules can be extended with an integrated hot water system that provides additional energy.

Some countries have already mandatory to use solar for new buildings.

We have the world's leading solar system, as the energy-world has been waiting for years.

Unusually high yield earned the factory, enhanced by its combination of a capital funding program to unparalleled model of the Marshall Plan.

Minimum investment: 2 Million Euros of detectable equity.

Then we give you circa 10  Million Euros capital funding (non-refundable and interest free). Why it is non-refundable and interest free, you can read in the Information-Sheet of the Project funding.

A professional project team is ready for start-up as soon as the funding is approved (for details, see our financial offer).

The project was already approved from the bank, which provides the funding.

Please ask for our financial model and the first details to the Project against letter of intent (LOI) and Bank Capital proof.

Please understand that only requests from the investor or his authorized representative in writing to be accepted and processed. A Secrecy -Agreement must be signed.

We are seeking only for investors who are willing to work with us on a long term, honest way of earning much money can and the world is a bit of good leads.

This is also the meaning of the Marshall Plan.

Kind regards
Your Hermann Augustin
Director of THA Germany


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